Extend the ‘bigmemory’ package with various analytics. Functions ‘bigkmeans’ and ‘binit’ may also be used with native R objects. For ‘tapply’-like functions, the bigtabulate package may also be helpful. For linear algebra support, see ‘bigalgebra’. For mutex (locking) support for advanced shared-memory usage, see ‘synchronicity’.

Home http://www.bigmemory.org
Versions 1.1.14
License LGPL-3 | Apache License 2.0
Recipe https://github.com/bioconda/bioconda-recipes/tree/master/recipes/r-biganalytics


With an activated Bioconda channel (see 2. Set up channels), install with:

conda install r-biganalytics

and update with:

conda update r-biganalytics


A Docker container is available at https://quay.io/repository/biocontainers/r-biganalytics.