This package provides functions to perform reproducible parallel foreach loops, using independent random streams as generated by L’Ecuyer’s combined multiple-recursive generator [L’Ecuyer (1999)]. It enables to easily convert standard %dopar% loops into fully reproducible loops, independently of the number of workers, the task scheduling strategy, or the chosen parallel environment and associated foreach backend.

Home https://renozao.github.io/doRNG
Versions 1.6
License GPL (>= 2)
Recipe https://github.com/bioconda/bioconda-recipes/tree/master/recipes/r-dorng


With an activated Bioconda channel (see 2. Set up channels), install with:

conda install r-dorng

and update with:

conda update r-dorng


A Docker container is available at https://quay.io/repository/biocontainers/r-dorng.