The R package ‘ggplot2’ is a plotting system based on the grammar of graphics. ‘GGally’ extends ‘ggplot2’ by adding several functions to reduce the complexity of combining geometric objects with transformed data. Some of these functions include a pairwise plot matrix, a two group pairwise plot matrix, a parallel coordinates plot, a survival plot, and several functions to plot networks.
Home https://ggobi.github.io/ggally, https://github.com/ggobi/ggally
Versions 0.5.0, 1.3.0
License GPL (>= 2.0)
Recipe https://github.com/bioconda/bioconda-recipes/tree/master/recipes/r-ggally


With an activated Bioconda channel (see 2. Set up channels), install with:

conda install r-ggally

and update with:

conda update r-ggally


A Docker container is available at https://quay.io/repository/biocontainers/r-ggally.