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Handlers for user commmands (``@biocondabot do this``)

import logging
import functools
from typing import Callable, Dict, Optional
from inspect import getdoc

from . import tasks

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)  # pylint: disable=invalid-name

[docs]class CommandDispatch: """Decorator based router handling bot commands >>> @command_routes.register("hello") >>> def command_hello(event, ghapi, *args): >>>"Got command 'hello %s'", " ".join(args)) """ def __init__(self): self.mapping: Dict[str, Callable] = {}
[docs] def register(self, cmd: str, description: str = None) -> Callable[[Callable], Callable]: """Decorator adding decorated function to dispatcher""" def decorator(func): desc = description or getdoc(func) self.mapping[cmd] = (func, desc) return func return decorator
[docs] async def dispatch(self, cmd, *args, **kwargs): """Calls one of the registered functions""" if cmd in self.mapping: func, _desc = self.mapping[cmd] response = await func(*args, **kwargs) return response else: return None
# Router for bot commands received as issue comments command_routes = CommandDispatch() # pylint: disable=invalid-name
[docs]def permissions(member: Optional[bool] = None, author: Optional[bool] = None, team: Optional[str] = None): """Decorator for commands checking for permissions Permissions are OR combined. Repeat the decorator to get AND. Args: member: if true, user must be organization member author: if true, user must be author, if false user must not be author """ def decorator(func): @functools.wraps(func) async def wrapper(ghapi, issue_number, user, *args): okmsg = "" err = [] if not okmsg and member is not None: if await ghapi.is_member(user): okmsg = "User is member" elif not await ghapi.is_org(): okmsg = "Repo is not on Org" else: err += [f"a member of {ghapi.user.capitalize()}"] if not okmsg and author is not None: prq = await ghapi.get_prs(number=issue_number) pr_author = prq['user']['login'] negate = "" if author else "not " if (pr_author == user) == author: okmsg = f"User is {negate}PR author" else: err += [f"{negate}author of the PR"] if not okmsg and team is not None: if await ghapi.is_team_member(user, team): okmsg = f"User is member of {ghapi.user}/{team}" else: err += [f"a member of {ghapi.user}/{team}"] msg = okmsg or f"Permission denied. You need to be {' or '.join(err)}." logger.warning("Access %s: %s wants to run %s on %s#%s ('%s')", "GRANTED" if okmsg else "DENIED", user, func.__name__, ghapi, issue_number, msg) if okmsg: return await func(ghapi, issue_number, user, *args) return msg return wrapper return decorator
[docs]@command_routes.register("hello") async def command_hello(ghapi, issue_number, user, *_args): """Check whether the bot is listening. If it is, it will answer. This command exists purely for the purpose of testing. """ msg = f"Hello @{user}!" if issue_number: await ghapi.create_comment(issue_number, msg) return f"I said hello on #{issue_number}" return msg
[docs]@command_routes.register("bump") @permissions(member=True, author=True) async def command_bump(ghapi, issue_number, _user, *_args): """Bump the build number of a recipe """ tasks.bump.apply_async((issue_number, ghapi)) return f"Scheduled bump of build number for #{issue_number}"
[docs]@command_routes.register("lint") async def command_lint(ghapi, issue_number, _user, *_args): """Lint the current recipe""" ( tasks.get_latest_pr_commit.s(issue_number, ghapi) | tasks.create_check_run.s(ghapi) ).apply_async() return f"Scheduled creation of new check run for latest commit in #{issue_number}"
[docs]@command_routes.register("recheck") async def command_recheck(ghapi, issue_number, _user, *_args): """Trigger check_check_run and check_circle_artifacts""" # queue check for artifacts tasks.check_circle_artifacts.s(issue_number, ghapi).apply_async() # queue lint check ( tasks.get_latest_pr_commit.s(issue_number, ghapi) | tasks.create_check_run.s(ghapi) ).apply_async() return f"Scheduled check run and circle artificats verification on #{issue_number}"
[docs]@command_routes.register("rebuild") @permissions(member=True, author=True) async def command_rebuild(ghapi, issue_number, _user, *_args): """Trigger rebuild of PR as of latest sha""" tasks.trigger_circle_rebuild.s(issue_number, ghapi).apply_async() return f"Scheduled triggering of rebuild for #{issue_number}"
[docs]@command_routes.register("merge") @permissions(member=True) async def command_merge(ghapi, issue_number, user, *_args): """Merge PR""" comment_id = await ghapi.create_comment(issue_number, "Scheduled Upload & Merge") (, comment_id, ghapi) | tasks.post_result.s(issue_number, comment_id, "merge", user, ghapi) ).apply_async() return f"Scheduled merge of #{issue_number}"
[docs]@command_routes.register("autobump") @permissions(member=True) async def command_autobump(ghapi, _issue_number, _user, *args): """Run immediate Autobump on recipes""" if any('*' in arg for arg in args): return f"Wildcards in autobump not allowed" if len(args) > 5: return f"Please don't schedule more than 5 updates at once" tasks.run_autobump.s(args, ghapi).apply_async() return f"Scheduled autobump check of recipe(s) {', '.join(args)}"
[docs]@command_routes.register("schedule") @permissions(team="core") async def command_schedule(ghapi, issue_number, user, *args): """Schedule autobump on CircleCI Takes the maximum number of recipes to update as optional argument. """ err = None if not args: err = "Schedule what?" else: if args[0] == "autobump": if len(args) > 2: err = "Too many arguments." else: if len(args) == 2: max_updates = int(args[1]) else: max_updates = 5 params = {'AUTOBUMP_OPTS': f'--max-updates {max_updates}'} from .config import CIRCLE_TOKEN from ..circleci import AsyncCircleAPI capi = AsyncCircleAPI(ghapi.session, token=CIRCLE_TOKEN) res = await capi.trigger_job(project='bioconda-utils', job='autobump', params=params) return "Scheduled Autobump: " + res else: err = "Unknown command" return err + (" Options are:\n" " - `autobump [n=5]`: schedule *n* updates of autobump")
[docs]@command_routes.register("update") @permissions(member=True, author=True) async def command_update(ghapi, issue_number, user, *args): """Update PR branch with it's target branch ("base") """ if await ghapi.pr_update_branch(issue_number): msg = "Ok. Branch update triggered." else: msg = "Sorry, I was unable to trigger branch update." await ghapi.create_comment(issue_number, msg)