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Bot configuration variables

import os
import re
import sys

[docs]def get_secret(name): """Load a secret from file or env Either provide ``{name}_FILE`` or ``{name}`` in the environment to configure the value for ``{name}``. """ try: with open(os.environ[name + "_FILE"]) as secret_file: return except (FileNotFoundError, PermissionError, KeyError): try: return os.environ[name] except KeyError: if os.path.basename(sys.argv[0]) == 'sphinx-build': # We won't have nor need secrets when building docs return None raise ValueError( f"Missing secrets: configure {name} or {name}_FILE to contain or point at secret" ) from None
#: PEM signing key for APP requests APP_KEY = get_secret("APP_KEY") #: Numeric App ID (not secret, technically) APP_ID = get_secret("APP_ID") #: App OAuth client ID APP_CLIENT_ID = get_secret("APP_CLIENT_ID") #: App OAuth client secret APP_CLIENT_SECRET = get_secret("APP_CLIENT_SECRET") #: Secret shared with Github used by us to authenticate incoming webhooks APP_SECRET = get_secret("APP_SECRET") #: GPG key for signing git commits CODE_SIGNING_KEY = get_secret("CODE_SIGNING_KEY") #: CircleCI Token CIRCLE_TOKEN = get_secret("CIRCLE_TOKEN") #: Quay Login QUAY_LOGIN = get_secret("QUAY_LOGIN") #: Anaconda Token ANACONDA_TOKEN = get_secret("ANACONDA_TOKEN") #: Gitter Token GITTER_TOKEN = get_secret("GITTER_TOKEN") #: Gitter Channels GITTER_CHANNELS = { 'bioconda/Lobby': 'bioconda/bioconda-recipes', 'bioconda/bot': 'bioconda/bioconda-recipes' } #GITTER_CHANNELS = { # 'bioconda/bot_test': 'epruesse/bioconda-recipes' #} #: Name of bot BOT_NAME = "BiocondaBot" #: Bot alias regex - this is what it'll react to in comments BOT_ALIAS_RE = re.compile(r'@bioconda[- ]?bot', re.IGNORECASE) #: Email address used in commits. Needs to match the account under #: which the CODE_SIGNING_KEY was registered. BOT_EMAIL = "" #: Baseurl of bot (for oauth redirects we need to know where we are) BOT_BASEURL = get_secret("BOT_BASEURL") #: Time in seconds after which repodata should be reloaded REPODATA_TIMEOUT = 300 #: Assign PRs to project columns by label PROJECT_COLUMN_LABEL_MAP = { 5706816: set(('please review & merge',)), }