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Celery Tasks doing the actual work

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import logging
import os
from collections import namedtuple
from typing import Tuple, Set
import tempfile
import re
import asyncio

from .worker import capp
from .config import (
from .. import utils
from .. import autobump
from .. import hosters
from ..recipe import Recipe
from ..githandler import TempBiocondaRepo, GitHandlerFailure
from ..githubhandler import CheckRunStatus, CheckRunConclusion
from ..circleci import AsyncCircleAPI
from ..upload import anaconda_upload, skopeo_upload
from .. import lint

from celery.exceptions import MaxRetriesExceededError
from celery.utils.log import get_task_logger

logger = get_task_logger(__name__)  # pylint: disable=invalid-name

Image = namedtuple('Image', "url name tag")
Package = namedtuple('Package', "arch fname url repodata_md")

PACKAGE_RE = re.compile(r"(.*packages)/(osx-64|linux-64|noarch)/(.+\.tar\.bz2)$")
IMAGE_RE = re.compile(r".*images/(.+)(?::|%3A)(.+)\.tar\.gz$")

[docs]class Checkout: # We can't use contextlib.contextmanager because these are async and # asyncontextmanager is only available in Python >3.7 """Async context manager checking out git repo Args: ref: optional sha checksum to checkout (only if issue_number not given) issue_number: optional issue number to checkout (only of ref not given) Returns `None` if the checkout failed, otherwise the TempGitHandler object >>> with Checkout(ghapi, issue_number) as git: >>> if git is None: >>> print("checkout failed") >>> else: >>> for filename in git.list_changed_files(): """ def __init__(self, ghapi, ref=None, issue_number=None, branch_name="master"): self.ghapi = ghapi self.orig_cwd = None self.git = None self.ref = ref self.branch_name = branch_name self.issue_number = issue_number async def __aenter__(self):"Preparing checkout: pr=%s ref=%s branch=%s repo=%s", self.issue_number, self.ref, self.branch_name, self.ghapi) try: if self.issue_number: prs = await self.ghapi.get_prs(number=self.issue_number) fork_user = prs['head']['user']['login'] fork_repo = prs['head']['repo']['name'] branch_name = prs['head']['ref'] ref = None elif self.ref: fork_user = None fork_repo = None branch_name = "unknown" ref = self.ref elif self.branch_name: fork_user = None fork_repo = None branch_name = self.branch_name ref = None else: logger.error("-- Failed checkout - all None?") return None self.git = TempBiocondaRepo( password=self.ghapi.token, home_user=self.ghapi.user, home_repo=self.ghapi.repo, fork_user=fork_user, fork_repo=fork_repo ) self.git.set_user(BOT_NAME, BOT_EMAIL) self.orig_cwd = os.getcwd() os.chdir( if not ref: branch = self.git.get_local_branch(branch_name) if not branch: self.git.create_local_branch(branch_name) branch = self.git.get_local_branch(branch_name) else: branch = self.git.create_local_branch(branch_name, ref) if not branch: logger.error("-- Failed to checkout - no branch? (git=%s)", self.git) return None branch.checkout() return self.git except Exception: logger.exception("-- Failed to checkout - caught exception: (git=%s)", self.git) return None async def __aexit__(self, _exc_type, _exc, _tb): if self.orig_cwd: os.chdir(self.orig_cwd) if self.git: self.git.close()
@capp.task(acks_late=True, ignore_result=False) async def get_latest_pr_commit(issue_number: int, ghapi): """Returns last commit""" commit = {'sha': None} async for commit in ghapi.iter_pr_commits(issue_number): pass"Latest SHA on #%s is %s", issue_number, commit['sha']) return commit['sha'] @capp.task(acks_late=True) async def create_check_run(head_sha: str, ghapi, recreate=True): """Creates a ``check_run`` on GitHub Args: head_sha: SHA of commit for which ``check_run`` will be created recreate: If true, a new ``check_run`` will be created even if one already exists """ if head_sha is None:"Not creating check_run, SHA is None") return LINT_CHECK_NAME = "Linting Recipe(s)" if not recreate: for check_run in await ghapi.get_check_runs(head_sha): if check_run.get('name') == LINT_CHECK_NAME: logger.warning("Check run for %s exists - not recreating", head_sha) return check_run_number = await ghapi.create_check_run(LINT_CHECK_NAME, head_sha) logger.warning("Created check run %s for %s", check_run_number, head_sha) @capp.task(acks_late=True) async def bump(issue_number: int, ghapi): """Bump the build number in each recipe in PR Args: issue_number: Number of PR to bump recipes in """"Processing bump command: %s", issue_number) async with Checkout(ghapi, issue_number=issue_number) as git: if not git: logger.error("Failed to checkout") return recipes = git.get_changed_recipes() for meta_fn in recipes: recipe = Recipe.from_file('recipes', meta_fn) recipe.reset_buildnumber(recipe.build_number + 1) msg = f"Bump {recipe} buildno to {recipe.build_number}" if not git.commit_and_push_changes(recipes, None, msg, sign=True): logger.error("Failed to push?!") @capp.task(acks_late=True) async def lint_check(check_run_number: int, ref: str, ghapi): """Execute linter Args: check_run_number: ID of GitHub ``check_run`` ref: SHA of commit to check """ ref_label = ref[:8] if len(ref) >= 40 else ref"Starting lint check for %s", ref_label) await ghapi.modify_check_run(check_run_number, status=CheckRunStatus.in_progress) async with Checkout(ghapi, ref=ref) as git: if not git: await ghapi.modify_check_run( check_run_number, status=CheckRunStatus.completed, conclusion=CheckRunConclusion.neutral, output_title= f"Failed to check out " f"{ghapi.user}/{ghapi.repo}:{ref_label}" ) return recipes = git.get_recipes_to_build() if not recipes: await ghapi.modify_check_run( check_run_number, status=CheckRunStatus.completed, conclusion=CheckRunConclusion.neutral, output_title="No recipes modified", output_summary= "This branch does not modify any recipes! " "Please make sure this is what you intend. Upon merge, " "no packages would be built." ) return # Here we call the actual linter code config = utils.load_config('config.yml') linter = lint.Linter(config, 'recipes') # fixme, should be configurable res = linter.lint(recipes) messages = linter.get_messages() summary = "Linted recipes:\n" for recipe in recipes: summary += " - `{}`\n".format(recipe) summary += "\n" details = ['Severity | Location | Check (links to docs) | Info ', '---------|----------|-----------------------|------'] annotations = [] if not messages: # no errors, success conclusion = CheckRunConclusion.success title = "All recipes in good condition" summary += "No problems found." elif not res: # messages, but lint OK conclusion = CheckRunConclusion.neutral title = "Found warnings" summary += "Please consider fixing the issues listed below." else: # fail conclusion = CheckRunConclusion.failure title = "Some recipes had problems" summary += "Please fix the issues listed below." url = '' for msg in messages: annotations.append({ 'path': msg.fname, 'start_line': msg.start_line, 'end_line': msg.end_line, 'annotation_level': msg.get_level(), 'title': msg.title, 'message': msg.body, }) # 'raw_details' can also be sent as annotation, contents are hidden # and unfold if 'raw details' blue button clicked. details.append( f'{msg.get_level()}|{msg.fname}:{msg.start_line}|' f'[{msg.check}]({url}#{str(msg.check).replace("_","-")})|{msg.title}' ) actions = [] if any(msg.canfix for msg in messages): actions.append({ 'label': "Fix Issues", 'description': "Some issues can be fixed automatically", 'identifier': 'lint_fix' }) await ghapi.modify_check_run( check_run_number, status=CheckRunStatus.completed, conclusion=conclusion, output_title=title, output_summary=summary, output_text='\n'.join(details) if messages else None, output_annotations=annotations, actions=actions) @capp.task(acks_late=True) async def lint_fix(head_branch: str, head_sha: str, ghapi): """Execute linter in fix mode Args: check_run_number: ID of GitHub ``check_run`` ref: SHA of commit to check """"Running lint fix on %s as of %s", head_branch, head_sha) async with Checkout(ghapi, ref=head_sha) as git: if not git: logger.error("lint_fix: Failed to checkout") return recipes = git.get_recipes_to_build() if not recipes: logger.error("No recipes? Internal error") return config = utils.load_config('config.yml') linter = lint.Linter(config, 'recipes') # fixme, should be configurable linter.lint(recipes, fix=True) msg = "Fixed Lint Checks""Files changed: %s", list(git.list_modified_files())) try: if git.commit_and_push_changes([], None, msg=msg, sign=True):"Created commit in %s", head_branch) else:"No changes to %s", head_branch) except GitHandlerFailure: logger.error("Push failed") @capp.task(acks_late=True) async def check_circle_artifacts(pr_number: int, ghapi): """Checks for packages and images uploaded to CircleCI artifacts Args: pr_number: Number of PR to check """"Starting check for artifacts on #%s as of %s", pr_number, ghapi) pr = await ghapi.get_prs(number=pr_number) head_ref = pr['head']['ref'] head_sha = pr['head']['sha'] head_user = pr['head']['repo']['owner']['login'] # get path for Circle if head_user == ghapi.user: branch = head_ref else: branch = "pull/{}".format(pr_number) capi = AsyncCircleAPI(ghapi.session) artifacts = await capi.get_artifacts(branch, head_sha) artifact_urls = set(a[1] for a in artifacts) packages = [] images = [] repos = {} for path, url, buildno in artifacts: match = PACKAGE_RE.match(url) if match: # base /fname # repo/arch/fname repo_url, arch, fname = match.groups() repodata_url = '/'.join((repo_url, arch, 'repodata.json')) repodata_md = "" if repodata_url in artifact_urls: repos.setdefault(repo_url, set()).add(arch) repodata_md = "[repodata.json]({})".format(repodata_url) packages.append(Package(arch, fname, url, repodata_md)) continue match = IMAGE_RE.match(url) if match: name, tag = match.groups() images.append(Image(url, name, tag)) tpl = utils.jinja.get_template("") msg = tpl.render(packages=packages, repos=repos, images=images) msg_head, _, _ = msg.partition("\n") async for comment in await ghapi.iter_comments(pr_number): if comment['body'].startswith(msg_head): await ghapi.update_comment(comment["id"], msg) break else: await ghapi.create_comment(pr_number, msg) @capp.task(acks_late=True) async def trigger_circle_rebuild(pr_number: int, ghapi): """Triggers a rebuild of the latest commit for a PR on CircleCI Args: pr_number: Number of Github PR """"Triggering rebuild of #%s", pr_number) pr = await ghapi.get_prs(number=pr_number) head_ref = pr['head']['ref'] head_sha = pr['head']['sha'] head_user = pr['head']['repo']['owner']['login'] capi = AsyncCircleAPI(ghapi.session, token=CIRCLE_TOKEN) if head_user == ghapi.user: path = head_ref else: path = "pull/{}".format(pr_number) res = await capi.trigger_rebuild(path, head_sha) logger.warning("Trigger_rebuild call returned with %s", res) @capp.task(bind=True, acks_late=True, ignore_result=False) async def merge_pr(self, pr_number: int, comment_id: int, ghapi) -> Tuple[bool, str]: """Merges a PR - Downloads artifacts from CircleCI - Uploads Docker images to - Uploads package to - Collects co-authors - Merges with co-author trailer lines Args: pr_number: number of PR to merge comment_id: ID of comment in PR to use for posting progress """ pr = await ghapi.get_prs(number=pr_number) state, message = await ghapi.check_protections(pr_number, pr['head']['sha']) if state is None: try: raise self.retry(countdown=20, max_retries=15) except MaxRetriesExceededError: return False, "PR cannot be merged at this time. Please try again later" if not state: return state, message comment = ("Upload & Merge started. Reload page to view progress.\n" "- [x] Checks OK\n") await ghapi.update_comment(comment_id, comment) head_ref = pr['head']['ref'] head_sha = pr['head']['sha'] head_user = pr['head']['repo']['owner']['login'] # get path for Circle if head_user == ghapi.user: branch = head_ref else: branch = "pull/{}".format(pr_number) lines = [] capi = AsyncCircleAPI(ghapi.session, token=CIRCLE_TOKEN) artifacts = await capi.get_artifacts(branch, head_sha) files = [] images = [] packages = [] for path, url, buildno in artifacts: match = PACKAGE_RE.match(url) if match: repo_url, arch, fname = match.groups() fpath = os.path.join(arch, fname) files.append((url, fpath)) packages.append(fpath) continue match = IMAGE_RE.match(url) if match: name, tag = match.groups() fname = f"{name}__{tag}.tar.gz" files.append((url, fname)) images.append((fname, f"{name}:{tag}")) if not files: return False, "PR did not build any packages." comment += "- [x] Fetching {} packages and {} images\n".format(len(packages), len(images)) await ghapi.update_comment(comment_id, comment)"Downloading %s", ', '.join(f for _, f in files)) done = False with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() as tmpdir: # Download files try: fds = [] urls = [] for url,path in files: fpath = os.path.join(tmpdir, path) fdir = os.path.dirname(fpath) if not os.path.exists(fdir): os.makedirs(fdir) urls.append(url) fds.append(open(fpath, "wb")) await utils.AsyncRequests.async_fetch(urls, fds=fds) done = True logger.error("Done downloading") finally: for fdes in fds: fdes.close() if not done: return False, "Failed to download archives. Please try again later" # Upload Images uploaded = [] for fname, dref in images: fpath = os.path.join(tmpdir, fname) ndref = "biocontainers/"+dref for _ in range(5):"Uploading: %s", ndref) if skopeo_upload(fpath, ndref, creds=QUAY_LOGIN): break logger.warning("Skopeo upload failed, retrying in 5s...") await asyncio.sleep(5) else: logger.warning("Skopeo upload failed, giving up") return False, "Failed to upload image to" uploaded.append(ndref) comment += "- [x] Uploaded image {}\n".format(ndref) await ghapi.update_comment(comment_id, comment) # Upload Packages for fname in packages: fpath = os.path.join(tmpdir, fname) for _ in range(5):"Uploading: %s", fname) if anaconda_upload(fpath, token=ANACONDA_TOKEN): break logger.warning("Anaconda upload failed, retrying in 5s...") await asyncio.sleep(5) else: logger.error("Anaconda upload failed, giving up.") return False, "Failed to upload package to Anaconda" uploaded.append(fname) comment += "- [x] Uploaded package {}\n".format(fname) await ghapi.update_comment(comment_id, comment) lines.append("") lines.append("Package uploads complete: [ci skip]") for pkg in uploaded: lines.append(" - " + pkg) lines.append("") # collect authors pr_author = pr['user']['login'] coauthors: Set[str] = set() coauthor_logins: Set[str] = set() last_sha: str = None async for commit in ghapi.iter_pr_commits(pr_number): last_sha = commit['sha'] author_login = (commit['author'] or {}).get('login') if author_login != pr_author: name = commit['commit']['author']['name'] email = commit['commit']['author']['email'] coauthors.add(f"Co-authored-by: {name} <{email}>") if author_login: coauthor_logins.add("@"+author_login) else: coauthor_logins.add(name) lines.extend(list(coauthors)) message = "\n".join(lines) comment += "- Creating squash merge" if coauthors: comment += " (with co-authors {})".format(", ".join(coauthor_logins)) comment += "\n" await ghapi.update_comment(comment_id, comment) res, msg = await ghapi.merge_pr(pr_number, sha=last_sha, message="\n".join(lines) if lines else None) if not res: return res, msg if not branch.startswith('pull/'): await ghapi.delete_branch(branch) return res, msg @capp.task(acks_late=True, ignore_result=True) async def post_result(result: Tuple[bool, str], pr_number: int, _comment_id: int, prefix: str, user: str, ghapi) -> None: logger.error("post result: result=%s, issue=%s", result, pr_number) status = "succeeded" if result[0] else "failed" message = f"@{user}, your request to {prefix} {status}: {result[1]}" await ghapi.create_comment(pr_number, message) logger.warning("message %s", message) @capp.task(acks_late=True) async def create_welcome_post(pr_number: int, ghapi): """Post welcome message for first timers""" prq = await ghapi.get_prs(number=pr_number) pr_author = prq['user']['login'] if await ghapi.get_pr_count(pr_author) > 1: logger.error("PR %#s is not %s's first", pr_number, pr_author) return logger.error("PR %#s is %s's first PR - posting welcome msg", pr_number, pr_author) message_tpl_str = await ghapi.get_contents(".github/") message_tpl = utils.jinja_silent_undef.from_string(message_tpl_str) message = message_tpl.render(user=pr_author) await ghapi.create_comment(pr_number, message) @capp.task(acks_late=True) async def run_autobump(package_names, ghapi, *_args): """Runs ``autobump`` on packages Args: package_names: List of package names to check for version updates """ async with Checkout(ghapi) as git: if not git: logger.error("failed to checkout master") return recipe_source = autobump.RecipeSource('recipes', package_names, []) scanner = autobump.Scanner(recipe_source) scanner.add(autobump.ExcludeSubrecipe) scanner.add(autobump.GitLoadRecipe, git) scanner.add(autobump.UpdateVersion, hosters.Hoster.select_hoster) scanner.add(autobump.UpdateChecksums) scanner.add(autobump.GitWriteRecipe, git) scanner.add(autobump.CreatePullRequest, git, ghapi) await scanner._async_run() @capp.task(acks_late=True) async def update_pr_project_columns(issue_number, ghapi, *_args): """Updates project columns for PR according to labels""" pr = await ghapi.get_prs(number=issue_number) if not pr: logger.error("Failed to update projects from labels: #%s is not a PR?", issue_number) return"Updating projects from labels for #%s '%s'", issue_number, pr['title']) pr_labels = set(label['name'] for label in pr['labels']) pr_closed = pr['state'] == 'closed' for column_id, col_labels in PROJECT_COLUMN_LABEL_MAP.items(): have_card = any(card.get('issue_number') == issue_number for card in await ghapi.list_project_cards(column_id)) if not pr_closed and pr_labels.intersection(col_labels): if not have_card: await ghapi.create_project_card(column_id, number=issue_number) else: if have_card: await ghapi.delete_project_card_from_column(column_id, issue_number)