Source code for bioconda_utils.lint.check_completeness


Verify that the recipe is not missing anything essential.

import os
from . import LintCheck, ERROR, WARNING, INFO

[docs]class missing_build_number(LintCheck): """The recipe is missing a build number Please add:: build: number: 0 """
[docs] def check_recipe(self, recipe): if not recipe.get('build/number', ''): self.message(section='build')
[docs]class missing_home(LintCheck): """The recipe is missing a homepage URL Please add:: about: home: <URL to homepage> """
[docs] def check_recipe(self, recipe): if not recipe.get('about/home', ''): self.message(section='about')
[docs]class missing_summary(LintCheck): """The recipe is missing a summary Please add:: about: summary: One line briefly describing package """
[docs] def check_recipe(self, recipe): if not recipe.get('about/summary', ''): self.message(section='about')
[docs]class missing_license(LintCheck): """The recipe is missing the ``about/license`` key. Please add:: about: license: <name of license> """
[docs] def check_recipe(self, recipe): if not recipe.get('about/license', ''): self.message(section='about')
[docs]class missing_tests(LintCheck): """The recipe is missing tests. Please add:: test: commands: - some_command and/or:: test: imports: - some_module and/or any file named ```, ```` or ```` executing tests. """ test_files = ['', '', '']
[docs] def check_recipe(self, recipe): if any(os.path.exists(os.path.join(recipe.dir, f)) for f in self.test_files): return if recipe.get('test/commands', '') or recipe.get('test/imports', ''): return if recipe.get('test', False) is not False: self.message(section='test') else: self.message()
[docs]class missing_hash(LintCheck): """The recipe is missing a checksum for a source file Please add:: source: sha256: checksum-value """ checksum_names = ('md5', 'sha1', 'sha256')
[docs] def check_source(self, source, section): if not any(source.get(chk) for chk in self.checksum_names): self.message(section=section)