Source code for bioconda_utils.lint.check_repo

"""Repository checks

These checks verify consistency with the repository (blacklisting,
other channels, existing versions).

from .. import utils
from . import LintCheck, ERROR, WARNING, INFO

[docs]class in_other_channels(LintCheck): """A package of the same name already exists in another channel Bioconda and Conda-Forge occupy the same name space and have agreed not to add packages if a package of the same name is already present in the respective other channel. If this is a new package, pease choose a different name (e.g. append ``-bio``). If you are updating a package, please continue in the package's new home at conda-forge. """
[docs] def check_recipe(self, recipe): channels = utils.RepoData().get_package_data(key="channel", if set(channels) - set(('bioconda',)): self.message(section='package/name')
[docs]class build_number_needs_bump(LintCheck): """The recipe build number should be incremented A package with the same name and version and a build number at least as high as specified in the recipe already exists in the channel. Please increase the build number. """
[docs] def check_recipe(self, recipe): bldnos = utils.RepoData().get_package_data( key="build_number",, version=recipe.version) if bldnos and recipe.build_number <= max(bldnos): self.message('build/number', data=max(bldnos))
[docs] def fix(self, _message, data): self.recipe.reset_buildnumber(data + 1) return True
[docs]class build_number_needs_reset(LintCheck): """The recipe build number should be reset to 0 No previous build of a package of this name and this version exists, the build number should therefore be 0. """ requires = ['missing_build_number']
[docs] def check_recipe(self, recipe): bldnos = utils.RepoData().get_package_data( key="build_number",, version=recipe.version) if not bldnos and recipe.build_number > 0: self.message('build/number', data=0)
[docs] def fix(self, _message, data): self.recipe.reset_buildnumber(data) return True
[docs]class recipe_is_blacklisted(LintCheck): """The recipe is currently blacklisted and will not be built. If you are intending to repair this recipe, remove it from the build fail blacklist. """ def __init__(self, linter): super().__init__(linter) self.blacklist = linter.get_blacklist() self.blacklists = linter.config.get('blacklists')
[docs] def check_recipe(self, recipe): if in self.blacklist: self.message(section='package/name', data=True)
[docs] def fix(self, _message, _data): for blacklist in self.blacklists: with open(blacklist, 'r') as fdes: data = fdes.readlines() for num, line in enumerate(data): if in line: break else: continue del data[num] with open(blacklist, 'w') as fdes: fdes.write(''.join(data)) break else: return False return True