Versions Supported in Bioconda

Bioconda only supports some versions of conda packages. Here is an incomplete list of the dependencies that might be relevant to your conda environment.

Operating Systems

Bioconda only supports 64-bit Linux and Mac OS


Bioconda only supports python 2.7, 3.6 and 3.7. The community is currently working on adding support for python 3.8.

(The exception to this is Bioconda packages which declare noarch: python and only depend on such packages - those packages can be installed in an environment with any version of python they say they can support. However many python packages in Bioconda depend on other Bioconda packages with architecture specific builds, such as pysam, and so do not meet this criteria.)

Unsupported versions

If the version of a package you wish to use is not supported because it is too old, please upgrade to a newer version so that you can use Bioconda.

If the version you wish to use is not supported because it is too new:

  • If it is a small piece of software, please consider contributing it to Bioconda

  • If it is a large piece of software (like the python language) ask about feasibility, timelines, and how you can help on the Bioconda gitter