Initial Setup

Bioconda employs the “standard” GitHub Fork & Pull Request workflow for edits to the collection of recipes from which the packages are built.

To get started, you need to get yourself a copy of our recipes repository.

1. Create a Fork of our Recipes Repo

Click here to create a “fork” of our recipes repository (if you haven’t already). A “fork” is essentially a copy of a repository in your own account where you will be able to make edits. GitHub will remember where it came from, so you will be able to feed your edits back to us (called Pull Requests).


Bioconda members may create branches directly in the bioconda/bioconda-recipes repository. Please try to remember to delete branches once you are done with them if you do so.

2. Create Local “Clone”

To start working on a recipe (new or existing), you first need to get a local copy of the repo on your computer. Make sure you have git installed, and then run:

git clone<USERNAME>/bioconda-recipes.git

This will create a folder bioconda-recipes. To be able to update this folder more easily with changes made to our repository, add the main bioconda-recipes repo as an upstream remote:

cd bioconda-recipes
git remote add upstream

3. Continue with or without local builds