recipe r-geneexpressionfromgeo

A function that reads in the GEO code of a gene expression dataset, retrieves its data from GEO, (optionally) retrieves the gene symbols of the dataset, and returns a simple dataframe table containing all the data. Platforms available: GPL11532, GPL23126, GPL6244, GPL8300, GPL80, GPL96, GPL570, GPL571, GPL20115, GPL1293, GPL6102, GPL6104, GPL6883, GPL6884, GPL13497, GPL14550, GPL17077, GPL6480. GEO: Gene Expression Omnibus. ID: identifier code. The GEO datasets are downloaded from the URL <>. More information can be found in the following manuscript: Davide Chicco, "geneExpressionFromGEO: an R package to facilitate data reading from Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO)". Microarray Data Analysis, Methods in Molecular Biology, volume 2401, chapter 12, pages 187-194, Springer Protocols, 2021, <doi:10.1007/978-1-0716-1839-4_12>.



GPL3 / GPL-3.0-only



package r-geneexpressionfromgeo

(downloads) docker_r-geneexpressionfromgeo



Required By:


With an activated Bioconda channel (see set-up-channels), install with:

conda install r-geneexpressionfromgeo

and update with:

conda update r-geneexpressionfromgeo

or use the docker container:

docker pull<tag>

(see r-geneexpressionfromgeo/tags for valid values for <tag>)

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