aarch64 and arm64 buildsΒΆ

Changed on 2024-03-04: Added this section as initial linux-aarch64 builds are starting

Changed on 2024-04-04: Information about osx-arm64 builds

We are starting to roll out linux-aarch64 and osx-arm64 (see Understanding platform nomenclature) on CircleCI and GitHub Actions, respectively. These additional CI platforms offer the runner types needed for these architectures.

This is being initially approached as an opt-in process as we make sure all the moving parts are working correctly. A recipe can be flagged for building on linux-aarch64 and/or osx-arm64 by adding the following to the meta.yaml file:

    - linux-aarch64
    - osx-arm64

The current CircleCI config will only run if at least one recipe in the commit range (typically for the PR) includes the above additional platform.

Support for building and uploading linux-aarch64 containers is planned but not yet implemented (as of July 2024).