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Validated, scalable, community developed variant calling, RNA-seq and small RNA analysis







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1.2.3-0, 1.2.2-0, 1.2.1-0, 1.2.0-0, 1.1.9-0, 1.1.8-0, 1.1.7-0, 1.1.6-0, 1.1.6a-1, 1.1.6a-0, 1.1.5-0, 1.1.5a-1, 1.1.5a-0, 1.1.4-0, 1.1.4a-3, 1.1.4a-2, 1.1.4a-1, 1.1.4a-0, 1.1.3-0, 1.1.3a-4, 1.1.3a-3, 1.1.3a-2, 1.1.3a-1, 1.1.3a-0, 1.1.2-0, 1.1.2a-3, 1.1.2a-2, 1.1.2a-1, 1.1.2a-0, 1.1.1-0, 1.1.1a-12, 1.1.1a-11, 1.1.1a-10, 1.1.1a-9, 1.1.1a-8, 1.1.1a-7, 1.1.1a-6, 1.1.1a-5, 1.1.1a-4, 1.1.1a-3, 1.1.1a-2, 1.1.1a-1, 1.1.1a-0, 1.1.0-0, 1.1.0a-11, 1.1.0a-8, 1.1.0a-7, 1.1.0a-6, 1.1.0a-5, 1.1.0a-4, 1.1.0a-3, 1.1.0a-2, 1.1.0a-1, 1.1.0a-0, 1.0.9-0, 1.0.9a-9, 1.0.9a-8, 1.0.9a-7, 1.0.9a-6, 1.0.9a-5, 1.0.9a-4, 1.0.9a-3, 1.0.9a-2, 1.0.9a-1, 1.0.9a-0, 1.0.8-0, 1.0.8a-5, 1.0.8a-4, 1.0.8a-3, 1.0.8a-2, 1.0.8a-1, 1.0.8a-0, 1.0.7-1, 1.0.7-0, 1.0.7a0-7, 1.0.7a0-6, 1.0.7a0-5, 1.0.7a0-4, 1.0.7a0-3, 1.0.7a0-2, 1.0.7a0-1, 1.0.7a0-0, 1.0.6-0, 1.0.6a0-6, 1.0.6a0-5, 1.0.6a0-4, 1.0.6a0-3, 1.0.6a0-2, 1.0.6a0-1, 1.0.6a0-0, 1.0.5-0, 1.0.5a-6, 1.0.5a-5, 1.0.5a-4, 1.0.5a-3, 1.0.5a-2, 1.0.5a-1, 1.0.5a-0, 1.0.4-0, 1.0.4a0-3, 1.0.4a0-2, 1.0.4a0-1, 1.0.4a0-0, 1.0.3-0, 1.0.3a-10, 1.0.3a-9, 1.0.3a-8, 1.0.3a-7, 1.0.3a-6, 1.0.3a-5, 1.0.3a-4, 1.0.3a-3, 1.0.3a-2, 1.0.3a-1, 1.0.3a-0, 1.0.2-0, 1.0.2a-1, 1.0.2a-0, 1.0.1-1, 1.0.1-0, 1.0.1a0-4, 1.0.1a0-3, 1.0.1a0-2, 1.0.1a0-1, 1.0.1a0-0, 1.0.0-0, 1.0.0a0-8, 1.0.0a0-7, 1.0.0a0-6, 1.0.0a0-5, 1.0.0a0-4, 1.0.0a0-3, 1.0.0a0-1, 1.0.0a0-0, 0.9.9-0, 0.9.9a0-4, 0.9.9a0-3, 0.9.9a0-2, 0.9.9a0-1, 0.9.9a0-0, 0.9.8-0, 0.9.8a0-7, 0.9.8a0-6, 0.9.8a0-5, 0.9.8a0-4, 0.9.8a0-3, 0.9.8a0-2, 0.9.8a0-1, 0.9.8a0-0, 0.9.7-0, 0.9.7a-5, 0.9.7a-4, 0.9.7a-3, 0.9.7a-2, 0.9.7a-1, 0.9.7a-0, 0.9.6-0, 0.9.6a-3, 0.9.6a-2, 0.9.6a-1, 0.9.6a-0, 0.9.5-1

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With an activated Bioconda channel (see 2. Set up channels), install with:

conda install bcbio-nextgen

and update with:

conda update bcbio-nextgen

or use the docker container:

docker pull<tag>

(see bcbio-nextgen/tags for valid values for <tag>)