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Validated, scalable, community developed variant calling, RNA-seq and small RNA analysis







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1.1.6a-0, 1.1.5-0, 1.1.5a-1, 1.1.5a-0, 1.1.4-0, 1.1.4a-3, 1.1.4a-2, 1.1.4a-1, 1.1.4a-0, 1.1.3-0, 1.1.3a-4, 1.1.3a-3, 1.1.3a-2, 1.1.3a-1, 1.1.3a-0, 1.1.2-0, 1.1.2a-3, 1.1.2a-2, 1.1.2a-1, 1.1.2a-0, 1.1.1-0, 1.1.1a-12, 1.1.1a-11, 1.1.1a-10, 1.1.1a-9, 1.1.1a-8, 1.1.1a-7, 1.1.1a-6, 1.1.1a-5, 1.1.1a-4, 1.1.1a-3, 1.1.1a-2, 1.1.1a-1, 1.1.1a-0, 1.1.0-0, 1.1.0a-11, 1.1.0a-8, 1.1.0a-7, 1.1.0a-6, 1.1.0a-5, 1.1.0a-4, 1.1.0a-3, 1.1.0a-2, 1.1.0a-1, 1.1.0a-0, 1.0.9-0, 1.0.9a-9, 1.0.9a-8, 1.0.9a-7, 1.0.9a-6, 1.0.9a-5, 1.0.9a-4, 1.0.9a-3, 1.0.9a-2, 1.0.9a-1, 1.0.9a-0, 1.0.8-0, 1.0.8a-5, 1.0.8a-4, 1.0.8a-3, 1.0.8a-2, 1.0.8a-1, 1.0.8a-0, 1.0.7-1, 1.0.7-0, 1.0.7a0-7, 1.0.7a0-6, 1.0.7a0-5, 1.0.7a0-4, 1.0.7a0-3, 1.0.7a0-2, 1.0.7a0-1, 1.0.7a0-0, 1.0.6-0, 1.0.6a0-6, 1.0.6a0-5, 1.0.6a0-4, 1.0.6a0-3, 1.0.6a0-2, 1.0.6a0-1, 1.0.6a0-0, 1.0.5-0, 1.0.5a-6, 1.0.5a-5, 1.0.5a-4, 1.0.5a-3, 1.0.5a-2, 1.0.5a-1, 1.0.5a-0, 1.0.4-0, 1.0.4a0-3, 1.0.4a0-2, 1.0.4a0-1, 1.0.4a0-0, 1.0.3-0, 1.0.3a-10, 1.0.3a-9, 1.0.3a-8, 1.0.3a-7, 1.0.3a-6, 1.0.3a-5, 1.0.3a-4, 1.0.3a-3, 1.0.3a-2, 1.0.3a-1, 1.0.3a-0, 1.0.2-0, 1.0.2a-1, 1.0.2a-0, 1.0.1-1, 1.0.1-0, 1.0.1a0-4, 1.0.1a0-3, 1.0.1a0-2, 1.0.1a0-1, 1.0.1a0-0, 1.0.0-0, 1.0.0a0-8, 1.0.0a0-7, 1.0.0a0-6, 1.0.0a0-5, 1.0.0a0-4, 1.0.0a0-3, 1.0.0a0-1, 1.0.0a0-0, 0.9.9-0, 0.9.9a0-4, 0.9.9a0-3, 0.9.9a0-2, 0.9.9a0-1, 0.9.9a0-0, 0.9.8-0, 0.9.8a0-7, 0.9.8a0-6, 0.9.8a0-5, 0.9.8a0-4, 0.9.8a0-3, 0.9.8a0-2, 0.9.8a0-1, 0.9.8a0-0, 0.9.7-0, 0.9.7a-5, 0.9.7a-4, 0.9.7a-3, 0.9.7a-2, 0.9.7a-1, 0.9.7a-0, 0.9.6-0, 0.9.6a-3, 0.9.6a-2, 0.9.6a-1, 0.9.6a-0, 0.9.5-1

Depends arrow

Depends beautifulsoup4

Depends bioblend

Depends biopython

Depends boto

Depends cython

Depends cyvcf2

Depends dnapi

Depends fadapa

Depends geneimpacts

Depends gffutils

Depends h5py

Depends htslib

Depends ipyparallel


Depends ipython-cluster-helper


Depends joblib


Depends logbook

Depends matplotlib

Depends mock

Depends msgpack-python

Depends openssl


Depends pandas

Depends pip

Depends psutil

Depends py

Depends pybedtools

Depends pycrypto

Depends pysam


Depends pytest

Depends pytest-cov


Depends pytest-mock

Depends python


Depends python-dateutil


Depends pyvcf

Depends pyyaml

Depends requests

Depends scipy

Depends seaborn

Depends seqcluster

Depends statsmodels

Depends tabulate

Depends toolz

Depends yamllint



With an activated Bioconda channel (see 2. Set up channels), install with:

conda install bcbio-nextgen

and update with:

conda update bcbio-nextgen

or use the docker container:

docker pull<tag>

(see bcbio-nextgen/tags for valid values for <tag>)